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Rebecca Dietz
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Yung Trinh
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When I had the opportunity to meet and interact with one of the groups with whom Rebecca and Yung are working, the enthusiasm of the kids was palpable.  What a blessing to have such a creative and loving program preparing our children to be compassionate leaders in our Columbia community. 
State Delegage Liz Bobo
The program encourages an understanding of the important role each one of us plays in society. The participants increase their self confidence and are empowered to make a contribution to the community.
Karen Giammalvo, parent
This is a cool group, because we learn and we have a job to do.  Kate
Improv is one of my favorite things to do.  It brings out our friendship and develops it more.  It is also fun and exciting to do!!!!!!!!!  Carly
Our class is Awesome! It's fun to make things that other kids will like!  Katie
This class is so great.  I never expected it to be this fun.  We get good progress done and in between do really fun Improv games.  At first I thought doing the newsletter would be all work, but it turned out to be really fun.  We get to create logos, articles and interview people.  Avery
I think the class is very fun. The improv games are very fun, especially the one where we pick phrases out of a hat and have to use the phrases we picked in a play. Doing the newspaper has been a great experience. It's shown me what teamwork and improvisation can achieve.  Nic
It is fun working together to make a newsletter.  We all do our own part, but we also have to work together.  Rosa
I really like the class and I enjoy the improv games.  km

Passion2Build teaches us that no idea is a bad one and to add on with 'yes, and' instead of 'no, but'.  Also it teaches us that working together can get a large project done in a little time.  Trevor
Passion2Build is important because it teaches me how to be a good leader and what a good leader does, like making things that help people and listening to what other people have to say.  It is also fun, because we get to play improv games and learn how to work together.  Ethan

I think the group is fun because you get to be in charge of one column of the newsletter.  You get to learn how much work it must be to get a daily newspaper to everybody’s houses!  Beth
I like the way Rebecca and Yung lead:  they ask the kids really good questions and then genuinely listen to what they say in response.
Heather Kirk-Davidoff, parent
My kids are always excited about the Passion2Build class, and for good reason. They are learning that they can make a difference, and that they have a voice. Every child is discovering how their talents can be used in concert with the group to produce something bigger than themselves. I love the pride of ownership my kids are taking about the newsletter.
Russ Nemec, parent
What a valuable resource for students  and communities alike - in kids, the program instills confidence and teaches skills  that will serve them well in all areas of their lives - academic, career, family and community. And in the future, our towns, states and country will be fortunate to have them as active and caring citizens. 
Susan Connell, Community Journalist -  former editor Columbia/Howard Magazine
With our world becoming increasingly technology-dependant, Kidzpost gives our students the opportunity to interact and engage with one another electronically. Sites like Kidzpost are exactly what our students need in order to begin forming good habits and become more aware of what it means to be a responsible digital citizen.
Derek Anderson, Partner  -- Swansfield Elementary School Technology Teacher