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Is an online arts and news magazine by kids and for kids
in the Columbia community.  The student participants,
consisting of upper elementary and middle school

  • Plan and collaborate to produce several issues of
       KidzPost a year
  • Write articles and solicit materials from their peers with the intent of encouraging kids to learn about their local community and wider world
  • Become creative writers and thinkers and grow into active participants in the creation of their community

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During the 2010-2011 school-year a group of
upper elementary students partnered with the
Howard county Conservancy to make displays
on butterflies, the history of the Conservancy, and
the many benefits of trees.  They researched
facts, wrote poetry and did original artwork, which
was displayed around the Conservancy grounds.

The spring of 2012 we will be putting together a new group to partner with the Columbia Association to assist homeowners to test their soil and plan
how they manage their lawns based on the findings.

A group of high school teens have been meeting for several years to study leadership styles, choices and value systems of great leaders, as well as explore their own leadership styles and gifts. 

During 2012 they will be taking a trip
to Nicaragua over Spring Break to learn
about the challenges of a developing
nation.  They will study the impact of
free trade on the average citizen, and
learn about Nicaraguan economics and
politics.  They will also volunteer their
time for one week in Chinandega,
helping to bring clean water to a group
of residents who lost their homes due
to poverty and natural disasters.

We design customized programs upon request to specifically meet the goals of any school age group from third grade through high school.
We offer school based programs from grades 3 - 12.  The curriculum consists of:
  • A summer camp where the leadership training is introduced and the children begin to explore an issue in their school community they want to address.
  • An after school class one day a week where the participants design and carry out their project.
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