1.Students will know the basic rules of Improv (agree and build, make               your partner shine, there are no mistakes because we use them, etc)
2.Through Improv students will learn how to express themselves and                invent new ideas and stories by taking risks and collaborating with                  their peers
3.Students will learn to identify the energy that comes from collective               creativity
4.Students will learn how James Rouse translated ideas and                                 innovations into a new kind of town
5.Students will evaluate present day Columbia for strengths and                         challenges
6.Students will identify their own values, strengths and interests by                   sharing their observations with others and using values clarification               and multiple intelligence tools
7.Students will identify ideas and innovations they would like to design              to help Columbia thrive

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Yung Trinh
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Practice the art of Improv and learn how to use the skills you acquire in everyday life to work cooperatively with others in creating innovative solutions to challenges in your environment.  In this program we will explore how Columbia’s creators improvised to imagine and build our town.  We will have fun practicing Improv and designing community innovations.  After the camp participants will have the option to join an existing group of peers engaged in creating projects to support a dynamic and thriving Columbia, or be part of developing new enterprises.  (For current projects see the descriptions on the “Our Programs” page.)